Are you one of those people who never get to finish your diary for the whole year, but still wanting to find a diary that can really work and help you make 2018 your year??

Well, you just found exactly what you are looking for.

We believe that planning doesn't have to be difficult and expensive! So we created this LIMITED EDITION 2018 Floraline Jurnal carefully to enable you to do just that.

  • The one important distinction that Jurnal has from the other diary is that it is UNDATED, which means you need to add just an extra 7 SECONDS to write the dates on your Jurnal. The idea is to give you more rooms for your writings and the flexibility to arrange your days to be more suited to your busy schedule. Imagine that you will never ever have to waste any unused paper or the whole diary just because you don't write on them.
  • It comes with a step by step guidance to help you plan and break down your year into a productive months, weeks, and days.
  • It gives you space for not only having a big dream, but also to laid out your actionable plan in order to achieve your dream.
  • It will open up your mind through every evaluation page that it has; where you can evaluate your progress and eventually refocus to be better for the following month.
  • It is beautifully designed and hand drawn so you don't need to do anything to make them look pretty. But if you still want to add some pretty little things, we include 4 sheets of colorful stickers for you to decorate your Jurnal.

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What is the point of beauty without its brain?

This section is where you need to sit down and think about what do you want to achieve for this new year. You can dream as big as you want or even as simple as to be a more happy and content person, which is far from easy too. There is no wrong or right answer to do this. It really depends on each individual's preferences, choices, likes, and priorities.

We will not ask you to vision out so far away to three or five years from now because we do understand plan always changes. That is why our FOCUS is to help you to make THIS YEAR yours!

We will also guide you to create your own strategical 12 big action plans that will be your focus task every month that you will break down even further into a weekly and daily tasks on your monthly planner.


Where you get your work done.

This section requires your most hard work and commitment because it is your moment of truth. You will need to carefully break down your BIG ACTION PLAN for the month and make max five priorities to be executed and finished off to bring you closer to your dream goals.

After you finish with your planning, the weekly tasks will be so much lighter for you as you already know what you should do. To keep up with all your activities, we includes habit trackers, financial budgeting, and some free spaces for you to express your feelings or be creative with it.

Please be aware as negative thoughts such as doubting yourself, everything is a struggle, having unrealistic goals, doing impossible things, or being lazy, will often come and it’s best to stay strong and not let them bother you. You have to believe that you have the power to make differences. So, believing in yourself every single day is a way to go! 



How are you doing?

Every now and then, we need to take a break and evaluate ourself, our progress, our life. So that is what we are doing to remind you that you need a break too. You will see this section every three months and it will help you to be aware of your achievement and losses as well as the WHY to that. Here, you can refresh your mind and focus on what-to-achieve the month after. You might also want to note your monthly achievement to see how far you’ve gone! 



Don't worry, we play harder.

Here comes the fun part! It is one of the necessary activities to keep yourself refreshed after the hard work. Did you know that practicing your creativity can help you mind relax? That is the main reason why we put this section as a part of your monthly planner set. You will find a page that asks you to colour out your feelings, or to draw the first thing that come up in your mind, or questions about your favourite books or quotes. We had them prepared!

But of course, we also insert some fun activities such as decluttering day, rewards that you can get for yourself, or something as personal as listing few facts about yourself. You can do this alone, with your loved ones, or colleagues for some small achievements. Remember that taking some time off from your busy schedule is crucial and it also helps to speed up your progress. 


The only time when it is okay to look back.

First thing first, give a big applause to yourself. It is definitely a hell of a journey!! The fact that you are here staring at this page means that you must have achieved so much in a year with or without you realising it.

Now, take a moment to sit down and reflect back. Play your life for the past year in your mind and remember what your initial dream goals were, what have you done to achieve them, why was it changing (if so), what difficulties you faced, what lessons have you learned, and then just take another moment to ponder it all inside your heart. Use all those experiences to get to know yourself again. To be grateful of what life has given you and also evaluate how your year has gone by.

Do not worry too much if your end goal alter because it is completely normal. Instead, you should be happy and proud of yourself because of all the achievements you made indicate your quality and strength and it helps to direct where your life should be headed to. 


Key features of 2018 FLORALINE JURNAL:

  • Birthday Reminder
  • Goals setting
  • 12 Spread of Monthly planner
  • 60 Spread of Weekly planner
  • Monthly Priority list
  • Monthly budgeting
  • Habit Tracker
  • Empowering Quotes
  • Fun activities
  • Mindfulness reminder
  • Self-evaluation
  • Built-in envelope
  • Lined & blank notes
  • 2018 calendar
  • 4 sheets of stickers


SIZE (W x H):
A5 size (21 x 14.8 cm)