Life happened when we least expected it

After a very long of hiatus period, we can happily announced that our 2019 collection is nearly finished and soon to be ready to purchase. Sadly to say, we will only have a mini collection collection this year. It means that there will not be many items available, only the essentials, including the amount of the stocks produced.

We have been getting messages on what happened behind the scenes as we had a very productive year in 2017 but not appearing at all in 2018. Many asked if kONTRAS is still on. We didn’t tell you before because we’re trying to figure out ways to make everything possible. But, unfortunately, we can’t.

The highlight of 2018 is…. K is now a married lady. Yayy! She never intended to make her wedding secret, but prefer to keep them as private as possible. Anyway, it was such an enjoyable wedding. The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful, the food was delicious even though it’s a bit too much for everyone. But overall, K’s simple and intimate dream wedding came true. And so you guess, since she planned and do the wedding prep all by herself and get a little bit of help from her now husband, it took more time and effort than she expected to juggling between her wedding, her work, and kONTRAS.


Other than that, R was on the other side of the world. As you all know that we live in Australia, but we’re not Australian. She tried her best to stay but it wasn’t enough time for her. So when her time was up, she had to pack her bag and went home. It was a really really tough time for us. With all of our products are handmade, it means K has to tackle production on her own; and with almost all of her focus was to her wedding, there was literally no one that continue keeping kONTRAS alive.

The progress that we can tell you so far is that we are still making and selling our products/services in Australia. It might be not as big as before but we are working on it and our next collection will be available to purchase SOON. Don’t you worry, ladies! We will also be participating in some markets closer to end of the year later. Will definitely update the deets later!


K once said that her life never goes according to her plan, but that what makes it surprisingly amazing. And ain’t that true? We were sad and heartbroken that none of our (business) goals this year is coming to life. Yet, at least we both ticking some of our personal goals and that is good enough for us, for now. We use this opportunity to pause and take a step back to see the business as a whole. Re-thinking about the business value and journey, planning on what to do and where to go next. We also feel very grateful that with everything that we’ve been through this year, we can re-connect with our family back home and have more quality time to spend with them. Thus, we believe everything happens for a reason and that reason might lead us to something beautiful and big. So finger crossed and keep your hope up. :)

The most important announcement that we want to share is that the first item from our 2019 collection is ready! Our 2019 Floral Wall Calendar is up on the website. You can shop them here. We hope this news brighten up your day a little bit.

We’ll see you soon.