Hello 2018!

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to the new Kontras Jurnal. This is our first post of the year and we can feel the excitement from thinking about how amazing can 2018 become. 

To be honest, January was our break month from the hustle bustle of 2017. Nothing fancy. No holiday overseas or out of town. We took some rest, plenty of 'me-time' and not thinking about work at all. Well, maybe a little bit. :)

IMG_0285 edit.jpg

Now February is kicking in. It means our break time is over and we need to open the business as usual. We are starting this year by opening our blog for public again. This year we decided to use this platform to share our business journey. You will find more of behind the scenes, new collection ideas, planning tips, as well as random food for thoughts that can bring inspirations for you. We will move all further discussion about whatever we post here to KontrasTribe. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram too as you will find your daily dose of motivation there!

Reflection Notes
2017 was a crazy year. In December 2017, we were officially one year old. We had so much fun and enjoyed the whole year. We managed to achieve our goals by joining a few local markets and had two pop-up shops. We experienced thousands up and down moments. Some were heartbreaking, but most of them were heartwarming.
We made new friends with local designers and makers. We did things we never thought we would do and so far it was an amazing journey. We are very grateful to them all. 


2018 Goals
1. Participate more in local markets. 
It's been our dream to join one of the biggest local markets in Australia, The Finders Keepers. Unfortunately, their timings with our plans are usually off. We have looked up their 2018 schedule and we are not sure if we can join them again this year. :(
In the meantime, we are planning to partake small local markets and hopefully, we can join The Big Design Market by the end of the year.

2. See our products in stores.
So far, our products are only available online. Either it is on our website or in our Etsy Shop. This year, we plan to approach more offline retailers and introduce our products. By doing this, we hope that our products will be more accessible for everyone, Australia wide.

3. Jurnal-ing more.
Journaling or in this case blogging has been one of our passion. Yet, committing to writing more were a big failure for us last year. Thus, this year we make a promise to our self that we will blog more in Kontras.co. Hopefully, you will see our writing every once a month. 

Apart from those goals, we made a discovery about our growing love towards plants that is so much more than last year. We have more than 12 plants to take care now and the number definitely growing. That is one of the reasons why this year's Jurnal theme is botanical. So yeah, we will keep you updated on everything else soon!