So not ready for mid-year


This year is passing by real quick! We apologize for being MIA due to handling a lot of personal stuff that requires our sole attention. We know it's not an excuse but we do hope you understand that as a two-ladies show, that is not much we can do when our hand are tight. But anyway, please know that we are trying our best to put you guys first too!


Putting those things aside, we can give you a quick update on what has been going on behind the scene is still a lot of making your new Jurnal for next year. A major hint we can give you is that it would be a completely different design from this year's Jurnal. We have received so much love regarding our Floraline Jurnal, but we need to move on, right? hehe. Secondly, we also heard your input about the increasing love of Bullet Journaling. Wait for our surprise to make some lovely BuJo products for you all next year. It is gonna be mind-blowing!

Now, the real deal about being in mid-year of 2018. How are you all doing? We know things might have shifted from your original plan but make sure to look them back, will you? In two weeks, all of us will come to that daunting Evaluation Sheet and fill them in. It will become harder to do because, for us, we have definitely missed some of our goals. But it is important to write them down as it will remind us again of what is important and need to be done. To catch up with the remaining time we have.


Let's achieve those goals in the next six months!